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Seven 20" Touch Screen LCD's are set up for
Electronic Procedures Trainer

at Mount Cook Airline
New Zealand Air Link

Here is how we have worked together to make it happen:

Eight months ago I embarked on a project to develop an electronic procedures training device for our trainee pilots to improve their skill level before advancing to further training in a full flight simulator. The project involves mounting 7 touch screens in a flight deck like arrangement and connecting them to a single PC running software that simulates the functionality of the ATR72 cockpit switches and controls whilst also providing the aircraft's flight characteristics. Such training devices are available commercially but cost in the vicinity of $US400,000. I was looking for a much cheaper solution and have been working with a budget of about 1/20th of that.

Initially I talked to touch screen suppliers in this part of the world - xM and XLO. It wasn't long before I realized that they couldn't supply a product to meet my needs and weren't interested in making changes to met them. After a couple of months the project was about to be shelved when I stumbled across your website, complements of Google. A chance email to the inquiry link produced a glimmer of hope.  From that day on the assistance that I have received from the team at Magic Touch has been absolutely amazing. I know that it has been a team effort from both sales and support and the engineers but I do wish to single out 2 individuals, Robert Ferguson and Felicia Weick.

Robert has been extremely helpful when I've placed the orders, arranged some customized changes to the configuration of the monitors and keep me fully informed on progress during the configuration and shipping to New Zealand.

Felicia, what can I say. Working for an airline I know how important customer service is to a business. Felicia has lifted such service to a new level. When I sent that first email I was quite taken by surprise when a reply appeared within 10 minutes. From that point on it became common practice for us to sometimes exchange a series of emails almost as though we were in a chat room as we worked through some of the problems that I was faced with - particularly getting the left/right mouse button switch utility functioning the way I needed and ensuring that 7 Magic Touch monitors would operate on the PC that I've assembled. The only time that there was a break was round about the 4th July when she had a couple of days off (too much turkey perhaps) but I'll let her have that one.

Although the final assembly and testing of the procedures trainer is still a few weeks away I now have a total of 9 of your touch screens, 7 for the procedures trainer and 2 for a smaller desktop trainer. I have been using the desktop trainer now for about 2 months for both testing and training and the screens are performing brilliantly, everything that I wanted and good feedback from the guys who have used them. This gives me confidences that I've almost reached the project's goal, helped greatly by your product and the great team that you have. Thank-you.

6 weeks later....

Everything went very well with the final assembly and testing and it is all set for it first 'real use' on Thursday. One issue that never crossed my mind until the very last minute was the effect that mounting one of the monitors upside down would have on the touch overlay. Although it 'hangs' slightly clear of the monitor surface the touch functionality has not been affected at all so that is a relief.

This more or less brings the project to a successful conclusion so again my thanks for your input and assistance. That email that I sent with the one liner " how many of your screens can be run from a single PC" really was a last effort to find something before the project was consigned to history.  If you are ever down this way feel free to come and have a fly!

Rod Lawson
Safety Investigator
Mount Cook Airline - Air New Zealand Link

Early Childhood Education
This is truly a great product since our 1 year old can't understand the mouse.

You ought to consider doing a software deal with a children's software organization. The price point is high, but you could get deals with gateway and dell in their online store as well as the gateway country stores.  Just a suggestion. 

former senior OEM business manager for Disney interactive.

Sean O'Sullivan looks at a new touchscreen that could prove to be the answer to many teachers' prayers.

Pupils here at Frank Wise School in Banbury (UK) have been using the touchscreen for work from basic Hyperstudio stcks designed to encourage awareness of cause and effect though to communication with symbols and creative expression with programs like Dabbler and KidPix.

Think of all the pupils who need a touchscreen...and with a laptop? With KEYTEC you can do it.

Times Educational Supplement , Online - January 4 2002  Circulation - 149,282

Early Childhood Education

We bought three ..... All are great ... Houston Elementary

Early Childhood Education
I purchased one of your touch screens while I was at Comdex.  It arrived promptly, installed easily, and works perfectly.  My son, who has Down Syndrome, is now able to play some of the games his brother has been playing with the mouse.  Put me down in the "satisfied customer" column.
I am the site base technician from Margaret K Lewis School, and I must start this letter by saying we at the school love your touch window. We now have 7 of them and we are waiting for one more.
Early Childhood Education
I purchased a Magic Touch 15" hang-on a couple of years ago for my son, and I have been immensely pleased. It allowed him to use the computer efficiently from the age of 2.
Early Childhood Education
Magic Touch is installed and working very well .... My son is now able to run his games and educational programs without any help .  Nilton Mattoe from Brazil
Assistive Technology - Visually Impaired
his is a wonderful program and my sons, especially the one who is visually impaired, are so excited about using it!!!!!  Kevin is so thrilled that he got to use his programs independently.  This was the first time ever that he has not become frustrated trying to play games on his software.  Thank you for making such a product! 

Assistive Technology - Physically Challenged
The touch screen is working great, and Bryon really really enjoys it.  The touch screen seems to stimulate Bryon because he must interact with it.  Most of the time, I must hold his hand and assist him in touching the screen, but he does on occasion touch the screen by himself.  I too am enjoying the touch screen's capability.  THE TOUCH SCREEN WAS ONE OF MY BEST INVESTMENTS!!!   Best wishes, Dolores

Assistive Technology - Special Education
hank you again helping us purchase your screen.  Although Micah's disability is primarily language-based,  getting her to work with the programs in such areas numbers, letters,  shapes, colors, etc., help to reinforce those areas, which we have a  hard time getting through to her without the visual aid the programs provide. 
Assistive Technology - Speech Language Pathology
I am totally amazed at the ease of installation, the perfect fit, and the ease of operation of your product.  I am a private practice speech language pathologist who specializes in handicapped children and I am really excited over the potential of this product.  Thank you for such a wonderful device at such an incredibly affordable price. I intend to show it off very well for you.
Assistive Technology - Special Education
Hello, First off, let me say that my family and I have been extremely pleased with the Magic Touch window.  It has been a wonderful tool to use with our son, who has dexterity issues.  I was so pleased in fact, I talked my son's school into purchasing a few of touch screens for his use at school.

Assistive Technology - Speech Therapy
It is an excellent product, and I am promoting it very strongly to Micah's therapists. Her speech therapist only uses a mouse with her patients, so if you have another demo model that you could make available, I would very much appreciate hearing about it. I would love to help her therapist obtain one of these products.  Thanks for your help - please keep in touch. 
Brent Howell

Assistive Technology - Autistic
We recently acquired a Touch Screen for our 3 year old autistic son and have been amazed at how it has transformed his experiences on our computer. He is now able to fully interact with his games by touching the images on the screen instead of having to understand the concept of a cursor control device (aka mouse). We run one of the largest independent Toy Stores and web sites in North America and would like to consider carrying your product as a child's computer accessory. Please forward catalogues and price lists to the address below. Thank you.  Sincerely,  Dan Aysan

Assistive Technology - Autistic
Computer Technology Review By Robert Eckert
Article written for the National Autism Newsletter

When I bought my computer, I had high expectations that it would be a tool that vaulted my son to a higher level of capability. My son Bobby is a nonverbal seven year old with autism. After I became adept with the equipment myself, I was ready to introduce my son to the world of computing. He showed an interest in the computer because it resembled a television. I quickly discovered my son could not understand the relationship between the movement of the mouse and the placement of the cursor on the screen. It was too abstract for him to comprehend. I tried working with him placing the cursor where I wanted it and then instructing Bobby to "click the mouse." This worked somewhat, but it took away much of my son's spontaneous input. I quickly felt cheated by all the computer hype. Luckily, I remembered that in his school they had something called "touch screens" that seemed as though they might help Bobby.

I contacted KEYTEC, a company I located in a computer magazine, and began exploring options for financing this purchase. My wife Joanne suggested that I investigate the possibility of gaining a reimbursement for the purchase because their product may be considered adaptive technology. I contacted my son's caseworker at the county Mental Health Mental Retardation agency before the purchase and determined what steps I would need to follow in order to file the claim. As it turned out, the product did qualify as adaptive.

The touch screen produced by KEYTEC is available in Mac and Windows formats. The Mac version works with all Performas, Quadras, LCs, and Power Macs. The Windows version works on any model running Windows version 3.11 or higher, including Windows 95. KEYTEC's sales staff provide assistance on questions of compatibility and custom set ups. The systems are similar, but the Windows version has a universal DC power supply plug. The power for the Mac version comes from the ADB port on the back of the computer.

For me, the computer set up was fairly straightforward. The unit attaches firmly to the front of my monitor with two small brackets and Velcro. The installation of the software was also quite standard. You can use a finger or a soft tip pen, which is provided, on the screen. Following the instructions, I calibrated the screen and was ready to work with our programs.

The company guaranteed that the screen would work with all programs. In general, I found this to be true, although there are some exceptions. In my son's case, the touch screen makes my son's computer use more intuitive. Many children's titles have large areas to click on with the mouse or cursor. This translates into a large area for children to touch on the screen.

My son has low muscle tone and is imprecise with his fine motor movements, so for us, this is a favorable feature. Precise accuracy with the screen was possible with the felt pen, but I found this cumbersome for Bobby. Drag and drop and double clicking (double touching) are also functions that are available.

In my view, this product opens up the capabilities of the computer for early learning for all children. My 2 _ year old daughter Julia also enjoys using the "compeumer" now. My two children can now set side by side and take turns. Try that with a mouse!

The Magic Touch touch screen is available in many different sizes. Prices range from $199.00 to $299.00. A touch monitor is also available that has the touch screen capabilities built into the monitor. Prices range from $725.00 to $1,290.00 for that product. Lastly, the company also manufactures Touch-Interactive Multimedia Systems that are complete Windows 95 O/S computers. Prices range from $1,549.00 to $2,699.00. Before buying the monitors or the complete systems, I caution you to inquire at your appropriate agency to find out whether these products qualify for reimbursement.

Robert Eckert, the father of a child with autism, lives in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania with his wife Joanne, daughter Julia, and son Bobby, who attends the Timothy School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Individuals interested in reaching Robert can do so by contacting 3126 William Road; Boothwyn, PA 19061; 610-485-1793; e-mail:

Assistive Technology  We own 3 add on (1 - 19" and 2 -17") magic touch's that have been awesome for our daughter (she is physically disabled). Don't know how we would live without your product. Thank you so very, very much,  She just turned 6 with ataxic CP and a cortical visual impairment- the computer is her lifeline and without your touch screen would be useless for her!
Home Computer
Good morning again.

I just finished hooking up my magic touch and reinstalled the software. I also changed my modem comport setting to com 2. Now everything seems to be working fine. I appreciate the information and help you have given me. I can honestly say I'm glad I chose KEYTEC for my touch screen add on. The prompt and helpful  information taught me more about my computer. I learn by doing and am trying to learn the nitty-gritty of my computer. Your troubleshooting guide really is very good. I did some new changes I had never done before and now I know something new and important for future reference.

Thank You very much for the best support and excellent product. I'm sorry to have caused you any problems, you corrected mine.

Thanks, Earl Teeter

Home Computer
Congratulations on your very fine “Magic Touch”. When I received it, I had already prepared my mind for a long struggle to get it up and running. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to verify that all that was required was to hold the panel on top of the screen, install a driver and “voila”, my finger became a mouse. Although my specific application is for food consumption, I immediately saw some exciting uses. In particular, I will give one to my mother, who wants to use the computer but dislikes both the mouse and the keyboard.

Once again, let me say how glad I am that I discovered your company

Matias Turteltaub
Productrix C.A.
Caracas, Venezuela

Pipe Organ
Just received and set up in less than an hour my KTMT-1700USB add on. So far very pleased with it. I am using it for an interactive / input, Theatre pipe organ simulator. It appears to be all and more than advertised .  I am controlling and playing 3 keyboards. I would recommend it anyone.
Pipe Organ
Most of the people in the pipe organ forum and group use Magic Touch, and they recommended it to me.
I was thrilled when I found a supplier here in South Africa, as we often get left behind as far as technology is concerned. I was even more amazed at the quality of service I received from the SA supplier.  They are about 500km away, and sent the Magic Touch to me by courier.  A few days later they called me to ask if every thing was fine and I was happy with my purchase.
Now that I have been using it for a while, I can't imagine how I ever got along without it.

We own and operate 5 SUBWAY sandwich shops and have been using the MAGIC TOUCH screen as a replacement user interface on our store point of sale terminals.  We replaced XLO brand touch monitors because of their high cost and that when the underlying monitor goes bad, the entire unit is junk.  With the MAGIC TOUCH, we can replace the cheap monitor and keep the touch screen.  We have a high abuse environment in both employees and gooey stuff on their fingers.  We have not had a single problem with the MAGIC TOUCH and clean it with regular window cleaner.

The only thing we need to be careful of when using the MAGIC TOUCH is in selecting a monitor.  The front of this plastic must be as flat as possible.  Curved monitor front cases are difficult to shim to accommodate the flat MAGIC TOUCH.

We will be using the MAGIC TOUCH exclusively in the future.

Michael Kieffer, VP Operations, H&K Development, Inc.

PS  You may use this letter with other customers.

My many thanks for the loan of the Magic Touch screen. It managed to impress everyone who saw it, and certainly exceeded my expectations.

I forwarded a copy of your information sheet, with a strong recommendation, to the people who run the Director General Information & Communications Systems (DGICS) catalog, i.e. through which the MoD purchases its computers and associated technology. Hopefully you have already been contacted by one of the companies in the catalogue, Blazepoint Ltd, who are very interested in the Magic Touch screen.

From Lieutenant Commander: Matt Bowden, Royal Navy, United Kingdom, Royal Naval School of Educational and Training Technology

I just wanted to say I am very impressed with the Magic Touch screen and the Linux drivers.  The screen is well made, and the Linux drivers work great and only took a couple of minutes to install.  Other companies do not offer this support or charge hundreds for it so I wanted to say thanks for the drivers, it is very useful in my automotive application, and I'm sure for many other users.

Thanks again,  Brian

Magazine Review -
Don't bother using a mouse to control your PC--all you need is right at your fingertips. KEYTEC'S Magic Touch Add-On Kit, on display here at CeBIT, instantly converts your monitor into an interactive touch-screen display.

The key component of the Magic Touch Add-On Kit is a thin glass panel that fits over your existing monitor. It attaches using either Velcro straps or a plastic bracket (for large displays) and comes with beige or black trim to match your PC.

Testing Review
ditors: Doug Piper & Andrew Downie

Disabilities & Learning Difficulties Unit, Information Communication Technology Service

NSW Department of Education & Training OTEN-DE

Some people for whom repetitive mouse clicking causes pain should find the touch screen helpful.  Care would still be needed to avoid excessive reaching.  People whose level of coordination or perceptual problems make mouse operation difficult are also candidates for a touch screen.  We had one person who is quadriplegic (with reasonable hand use) try the Magic Touch.  Instead of leaving it on the monitor, he put it on his lap.  By watching the screen, he could tell easily what he was pointing at.  He didn't use it for long and definitive comments can't be made yet, but there is clear potential.  Anyone who uses a computer for drawing is a candidate for a touch screen.  After all, drawing with a mouse is somewhat akin to drawing with a potato.  Having loaded drawing software, You can draw on the touch screen while it hangs in front of the monitor.  If you want to trace an existing drawing, you can put it on a desk and place the touch screen over it (remember that the Magic Touch is transparent).  You can then use the drawing as a template.  A stylus is provided and gives greater accuracy than one's finger. 

One area in which a touch screen should have vast potential is that of educational games.  You can interpret "games" as broadly as you like and there need be little in the way of age restriction in either direction.  Many commercially available programs would lend themselves to the addition of a touch screen.  With the use of tools such as Microsoft's Visual BASIC, all manner of teaching kits could be produced and the touch screen could be used very effectively to make the student's interaction more natural and enjoyable.  Software could be selected/written to teach anything from the very general to something quite specific.

For the right situations, though, the Magic Touch is a very effective tool.  It is easy to install and you can still use the mouse if you wish.  It also has C-TIC approval, which is to say that it is not hitting the user with all sorts of electromagnetic nastiness.

Testing Review
was able to use in place of a mouse on all programs I tested.  It tracked as fast as I could draw.  You can use your finger or soft tipped pen supplied.  Once you got used to it, it was very easy to draw on the screen or drag and drop icons.  You can set the speed that it tracks and double click speed much the same as controls on a mouse.  Control panel was easy to understand and operate.  Paul Shaw, Education Adviser Learning Technology
Touch for less .... Easy to install and calibrate....
     Low cost .... Easy to attach .....
PC Photo (Editor's Choice)   Save desk space ..... Fun and productive ......

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