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Downloadable Return and Warranty Policy

Effective: July 1st 2015
The following policies apply only to the products purchased directly from KEYTEC.

1. Return Policy:
1.1 Must contact KEYTEC'S RMA Dept. to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number before
returning the product. No return will be accepted without a RMA number issued by KEYTEC.
1.2. RMA may be issued for repair, replacement, exchange or credit for future purchases NO CASH REFUND.
1.2.1. If the product is not repairable, it may be replaced by an equivalent refurbished or open-box product.
1.2.2. Only the purchased value of the product may be used toward exchange or credit less 10% restocking fee.
1.2.3. Custom design products, non-stock products and products of special orders cannot be returned for credit or exchange.
1.3. Products must be returned in resell-able condition without damage. Shipping/handling charges are not refundable.
1.3.1. Product must be returned in original package with sufficient protection, Freight prepaid and insured.
1.3.2. KEYTEC is not responsible for the products returned with shipping damage.
1.3.3. Refurbish and restocking fee may apply on missing or damaged parts.
1.4. Return for repair or replacement:
1.4.1. Must first contact KEYTEC'S Tech Support Department for troubleshooting.
You must first notify KEYTEC'S technical support dept. by sending e-mail to or calling
972-272-7555 or sending a fax to 972-272-7501 to report the problem.
1.4.2. If Tech Support has determined the product is defective, a RMA number will be issued for returning the
product. The product must be returned within 10 days after a RMA number is issued.
1.4.3. If the defective product is under warranty, KEYTEC will repair or replace the product at free of charge.
1.4.4. If the defective product is out of warranty, the customer needs to be responsible for the repair/ replace cost
and the shipping charges for both ways. You will be quoted for the replacement or repair cost. No work will be
performed until your approval on all the charges is confirmed.

2. Warranty Policy:
2.1. KEYTEC warrants its product against defects in functions, materials and workmanship for the period of 2 years
from the date of purchase. Normal tear and wear are not covered by the warranty.
2.2. What's Not Covered by Warranty:
2.2.1. Products that have been previously altered, repaired or serviced by unauthorized personnel.
2.2.2. Serial number on the products has been altered or removed.
2.2.3. Cosmetic damages and physical damages. Damages due to improper installation, operation or connection to
improper voltage supply.
2.2.4. Any damages due to misuses, abuses, negligence, unauthorized modifications, accidents and acts of God.
2.2.5. Those products which were sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS.

3. Shipping Damage:
3.1. Customer must report shipping damage immediately upon receiving the product.
3.2. If the product is shipped directly from KEYTEC, please report the damage to KEYTEC.
3.3. If the product is shipped by another shipper other than KEYTEC (for example: shipped by a reseller),
the recipient must report the damage to the shipper and the shipper should be responsible for filing the claim
with the shipping company.

4. Tech Support and Driver Upgrade:
KEYTEC will provide life-time free tech support and driver updates.

5. Disclaimer:
All the published material including price list is subject to change without notice. KEYTEC assumes no
responsibility for errors or omissions. Nor are any liability assumed for any damages from the use of KEYTEC'S
product and published information.

When you place a written or verbal purchase order with KEYTEC, that means you have read, understood and agreed to the above-mentioned policy.

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