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In order to quickly solve the problem related to using Magic Touch, OPTIR Touch, View Touch, ACEeBoard, or DUO products, please fill out and submit the following form.  We will contact you as soon as possible.  Your privacy is protected.  We will not provide your personal information to 3rd party, and will never send you any unwanted mail or email.  The information hereafter will be used strictly for the purpose of technical support service only. 

Fields with an asterisk ( * ) are required!

You may also contact us by: Email: tech@magictouch.com Tel: 972-272-7555 8:30AM-5:00PM Central Standard Time, Mon-Fri. 
Compliment or Complaint, email to: manager@magictouch.com.

If you need to download driver, please click Driver Download.


Step1: Please enter your contact information. 

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Title (if applicable):
Company Name (if applicable):
Zip/Postal Code:
Country: Other Country
Direct Telephone: *
Cell Phone:
Direct Email: *
 Step 2: Product Information
must select one.
Add-On (KTMT) Touch Monitor (KTSC or KTLC)Built-In (KTT) Custom Touch Screen
OPTIR IR Touch Screen (KTIR) View Touch (KTVT) ACEeBoard (KTAB) DUO Pen (KT-DUO)
Part Number:
Serial Number:
Purchased from:
Date Purchased:
Type of Controller:
must select one for touch screen products - KTMT, KTT, KTLC, KTSC, KTIR.
USB interface for Windows, Mac, Linux:USB-XD USB-X-SB USB-X USB
Serial port (RS232) interface for Windows, Linux:ProE-X
ProE (serial, with red light.)Pro (serial, with green light.) Standard (serial, metal box, no light.)
Mac ADB interface: Mac ADB
Not Sure, please describe: see pictures at here.

Red: discontinued model.
Operating System on your computer:
must select one
Windows: Win 7Win XP Win 2000Win 98Win 95Win ME Win NTWin 3.1
Apple: Mac 8.x or less Mac 9.x, specify: Mac 10.x, specify:
Linux, specify:   
Other, specify:
When did the problem start: Upon first installation Has been working, but starts having problem now Start having problem after installing on another computer.
Nature of the problem about Touch Screen or Touch Monitor: Windows does not detect controller as a new device.
After driver installation, touch screen dose not respond to touch.
Touch screen responds to touch but the position is not accurate.
The touch position is accurate in some area, but not in other area. 
The cursor keeps jumping to certain area or get stuck there. 
The monitor image has problem.
The monitor cannot get turned on. 
Nature of the problem about
View Touch
Error message when opening View Touch, specify:  
Can not see all the calibration dots.
The cursor is stuck to the edge of the screen.
The cursor is stuck in the middle of the screen.
Can not see the guiding light.
The mouse control function is not sensitive enough.
The View Touch is not sensitive on part of the screen.
The View Touch stop responding after I change the display resolution, or the display resolution is changed by certain program.
Nature of the problem about
ACEeBoard or DUO:
You have a ACEeBoard or DUO
Do you use it on front projection screen rear projection screen regular whiteboard LCD display plasma display
Software installation problem.
Calibration or accuracy problem.
No response at all
How to contact you? by email by phone, best time to call:
Details of problem:
 Step 3: Submit the form. 

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