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We can provide standard and custom touch screens from 1" to 200" or even larger sizes for retrofit or integration.
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Interactive Mirror made of OPTIR Touch
Video provided by Alpay Kasal of LitStudios.

Custom Design Capability

We can custom design and produce touch screens from 1 to 200" diagonally.  We can also provide custom designed keypads, membrane switches, injection molded parts, plus turn-key contract manufacturing capability.  Contact us for a quick proposal.
OPTIR Touch - Optical IR Touch Screen   Watch video demo

KEYTEC offers the most complete range of high-performance Infrared Touch Screens from 10.4" to 200", with dual touch up to 40 multi-touch capability, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, TUIO, Android, Raspberry Pi.  Click the links for detailed product information and availability, or simply send us an email and let us do the selection for you.
Add-On Magic Touch Screen Kit    Watch video demo

CES Award Winner! We can retrofit touch screen to any standard computer operated flat panel display, TV, all-in-one, laptop, projection screen, video wall, whiteboard or white wall up to 200". USB or serial interface, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, TUIO, Android, Raspberry Pi.  Contact us for a quick quote.
Do-It-Yourself Interactive Whiteboard

We are providing a cost effective solution for Do-It-Yourself interactive whiteboard.  You can easily convert any whiteboard or white wall or large format display into an interactive whiteboard up to 200. It is easy to install, totally portable, fun to use and very affordable.  Windows & Mac.
Built-In Touch Screen Kit Integrated Touch Monitor

Offered for system integrators and manufacturers with highest quality at very competitive prices.  USB or serial interface, compatible with Windows 98, Mac & Linux.  Standard and Custom Design available. 

Completely integrated touch solutions include desktop and open frame LCD.  USB or serial interface, compatible with Windows, Mac, & Linux. Standard sizes and Custom Integration Available
Conductive Rubber Keypad Membrane Switch

Custom design conductive rubber keypad.
Low to high volume production.
Low tooling cost.
Fast turn around.

Custom design membrane switch.
Low to high volume production.
Low tooling cost.
Fast turn around.
Touch Screen Kiosk Injection Molding

Standard and custom designed kiosk built in with KEYTEC'S high-quality touch screen monitor for full mouse emulation.  Windows, Mac and Linux.  Fill out the design check list and get a quick quote.  Do-it-yourself model available for lower shipping cost.

Concept design to mass production. 
Mock-up prototype for concept prove.
Single to multiple cavity mold.
Post molding services - printing, painting, plating, assembly.

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