KEYTEC magic touch screen, integrated touch monitor and built-in touchscreens for early childhood education.








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Early Childhood Education

Add-On Magic Touch
Integrated Touch Monitor
Built-In Touch Screen Kit
Custom Touch Screen
Large-Size Touch Screen
Optical IR Touch Screen
DIY Interactive Whiteboard

A child’s first years of life include some of the most critical times for the development of the child’s mind.

Children absorb and learn an enormous amount of information and skills at an increasing rate. With the proper resources children can build a strong foundation for future learning.

Technology can be a useful tool in accomplishing this task. The following are links with information and resources to introduce or guide you through early childhood education.

Have your children been missing all the learning fun?

This is truly a great product since our 1 year old can't understand the mouse.

You ought to consider doing a software deal with a children's software organization. The price point is high, but you could get deals with gateway and dell in their online store as well as the gateway country stores.  Just a suggestion. 

former senior OEM business manager for Disney interactive.

Sean O'Sullivan looks at a new touchscreen that could prove to be the answer to many teachers' prayers.

Pupils here at Frank Wise School in Banbury (UK) have been using the touchscreen for work from basic Hyperstudio stcks designed to encourage awareness of cause and effect though to communication with symbols and creative expression with programs like Dabbler and KidPix.

Think of all the pupils who need a touchscreen...and with a laptop? With KEYTEC you can do it.

Times Educational Supplement , Online - January 4 2002  Circulation - 149,282

We bought three ..... All are great ... Houston Elementary

I purchased one of your touch screens while I was at Comdex.  It arrived promptly, installed easily, and works perfectly.  My son, who has Down Syndrome, is now able to play some of the games his brother has been playing with the mouse.  Put me down in the "satisfied customer" column. I am the site base technician from Margaret K Lewis School,   and I must start this letter by saying we at the school love your touch window. We now have 7 of them and we are waiting for one more.
I purchased a Magic Touch 15" hang-on a couple of years ago for my son, and I have been immensely pleased. It allowed him to use the computer efficiently from the age of 2. Magic Touch is installed and working very well .... My son is now able to run his games and educational programs without any help .  Nilton Mattoe from Brazil
Useful links:
serves as the only scholarly journal devoted to reporting the research and applications for using information technology in the education of children--early childhood, preschool, and elementary. ITCE is a valuable resource for all educators who use computers with children. Formerly Journal of Computing in Childhood Education (JCCE)

he Professional Resource Center for Teachers and Parents
Access everything you need to know on the development of a child’s behavior, health, safety, and activity.

Grants from the Department of Education
A great guide to finding and applying for DOE education grants on Guide to Online Schools:

United States Department of Education
page contains resources produced and presented here for seven subject areas and for more than a dozen issues and challenges.

Education World
the Educator’s Best Friend. Their goal is to provide resources to help educators connect and integrate the internet into the classroom.

The Northwest Educational Technology Consortium
has the goal to provide professional development opportunities, access to technical assistance, and support for collegial interaction that allow and encourage educators throughout our region, and especially in K-12 schools, to become informed and fearless users of technology.

The Innovation Management Group (IMG)
Eliminate the need for a physical keyboard! develops software for operating the computer with utilities such as My-T-Pen, My-T-Soft, and My-T-Touch. We recommend the My-T-Mouse program, which is an on-screen keyboard. With this application, the user can word process, calculate, or perform any normal function found on a computer keyboard.

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