KEYTEC is a leading touch screen manufacturer since 1987.  Magic Touch add-on touch screen, integrated touch monitor, built-in touchscreen kit for integration, OPTIR Touch large size IR touchscreen, View Touch laser interactive DIY whiteboard, DIY kiosk.


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View Touch can turn ANY white or light-color surface into an Interactive Whiteboard.
Only $200

This virtual input device controls all the mouse functions by a digital light sensor and a wireless laser mouse.   It can also be used with any laser pointer or other bright light sources.  This unique invention breaks the boundary of size limitation for touch-interactive applications.  It is indeed one-size-fits-all, and thus provides the most economical way of creating a user-friendly interactive device for large-screen displays.  The View Touch (TM) is very suitable for presentation, promotion, gaming and virtual reality type applications.  Developers will soon find more useful ways to use View Touch for conventional and unconventional applications. 
View Touch is compatible with Windows 7 & 8 multi-touch gestures. Please contact for more information.

 Parts included:

1pc Digital Light Sensor (Part No. VT-DS)

1pc Tabletop Tripod (Part No. VT-TP)

1pc Wireless Laser Mouse (Part No. VT-LM)

1pc Installation CD & Manual (Part No. VT-IM)

1pc D-Ring - for laser button held-down (Part No. VT-LMR)

1pc AA Battery

Free software for annotation, screen capture and power point control.
One year parts and labor warranty.  Free technical support and software upgrade.
Minimum system requirements:
 PIII 850MHz processor   128MB RAM   CD-ROM drive (for software installation)
 1MB Hard Drive space available   USB port   Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

How to use VT-DS and VT-TP?

How to use the Laser Mouse VT-LM?

How to use annotation software?

How to use other laser devices?

Standard red laser

Wireless laser presenter

Laser gun for game

KEYTEC'S Magic Touch Screen can be used in conjunction with View Touch to enhance writing and drawing capabilities. 

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