KEYTEC is a USA based touch screen interactive technology leader since 1987 OPTIR Toch is the best optical IR touchscreen in the multi touch applications portable do-it-yourself interactive whiteboard and very large size custom touch screen and integrated








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View Touch IV is a portable interactive whiteboard system that converts any standard whiteboard, flat surface (such as a wall), projection screen or flat panel display into an interactive whiteboard.

The View Touch IV sensor can be mounted on a standard tripod, wall or ceiling. The sensor is set up to detect the IR light emitted when the IR pen touches a digitally projected surface or a flat panel display. The IR pen enables full mouse emulation, so you can use it to run any mouse-driven program on your Windows based PC.

Mac version is available, please contact us.



View Touch IV includes a very user-friendly and powerful whiteboard software which can be used for classroom, presentation, meeting, etc.


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View Touch IV can be mounted on a projector, on the wall or on a tripod.

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