KEYTEC is a USA based touch screen interactive technology leader since 1987 OPTIR Toch is the best optical IR touchscreen in the multi touch applications portable do-it-yourself interactive whiteboard and very large size custom touch screen and integrated








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Products > OPTIR Touch (Optical IR) > FAQ > Do I need a Glass Backing?

Glass backing is not required for the OPTIR Touch to work.  However, adding a glass backing can:
1. Protect
your display from being touched directly which may result in potential damage to the display.
n2. Decrease the amount of the gap between the invisible IR grid and the displays top surface in order to optimize the User experience with a touch interactive device.  When the gap is too big, the user may get confused when a mouse clicking (by touching the screen) is recognized as dragging.

Although it is not required, when the OPTIR Touch is mounted in front of a display with a cover bezel, adding a backing glass is recommended.  KEYTEC can ship the OPTIR Touch with or without the glass, and we do provide the dimensional information of the glass for each model and size, so the customer can purchase from their local glass shop.  The tempered glass is recommended, but Plexiglas or similar may be used instead as long as it can remain flat, scratch resistant coating is highly recommended when selecting Plexiglas or other plastic material.

A glass or plastic backing is usually not needed when mounting the OPTIR Touch to a projection screen, whiteboard or wall.

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