KEYTEC is a USA based touch screen interactive technology leader since 1987 OPTIR Toch is the best optical IR touchscreen in the multi touch applications portable do-it-yourself interactive whiteboard and very large size custom touch screen and integrated








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We have a variety of models that are perfect for external mounting (Add-On), or for integration (Built-In) into custom displays, kiosks, or similar.  The external add-on models will either come with Velcro straps, or adjustable hangers, or custom mounting for easy mounting.  There are also some optional  mounting accessories available, such as metal brackets or magnet straps typically used for mounting on whiteboard or wall. 

The integrators will typically only need the touch screens without any accessories as they will have their own mounting design built into the system.

OPTIR Touch IRK Models
framed segments assembly instruction

OPTIR Touch PPMT Model
framed segments assembly instruction

OPTIR Touch on an interactive window
Courtesy of Virtine Interactive

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