KEYTEC is a USA based touch screen interactive technology leader since 1987 OPTIR Toch is the best optical IR touchscreen in the multi touch applications portable do-it-yourself interactive whiteboard and very large size custom touch screen and integrated








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Products > OPTIR Touch (Optical IR) > FAQ > What is OPTIR Touch?

OPTIR Touch can turn almost any computer imaged surface into a touch interactive device.  The "computer imaged surface" is like flat panel displays (LCD, LED, Plasma), all-in-one PC, projection screen, video wall, whiteboard or white wall - up to 200" diagonally.  It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

On standard PC monitor or all-in-one PC. On large format displays which can be a standard TV with PC input port (VGA or HDMI).

On video wall, projected whiteboard or white wall.

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