KEYTEC is a US based leader in multi touch screen technology since 1987, provides retro fit add-on touch screens from small to large sizes touchscreens and offer custom design touch screen with Infrared, resistive, capacitive and SAW from 1" to 150". Your SEO optimized title








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Products > OPTIR Touch Screen - Optical Infrared Technology - a retro fit solution

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a retro fit solution to convert your existing display monitor or projection screen or video wall into a small to large to huge multi touch screen interactive surface. You will find many options available in the following list. 

Read OPTIR Touch FAQ or Contact Us for Answers.

OPTIR Touch can be ordered as framed segments to reduce shipping cost, or complete assembly for convenience.  You can click on the model name to view more detailed information, or simply send us an email and let us do the selection for you.

Model OPTIR Touch PPMT Model OPTIR Touch HCMT Model OPTIR Touch IRF Model OPTIR Touch IRK Model

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Technology Infrared (IR) < Same < Same < Same
Touch Sensor Description Embedded IR sensors form invisible light grid in front of the display. < Same < Same < Same
Interface USB < Same < Same < Same
Functionality mouse/tablet emulation < Same < Same < Same
Operating Systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac & Linux. Windows 7 & 8, Linux Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac & Linux. < Same
Number of Touch 2-10 for Win 7 or 8.
1-4 for Mac.
16-40 for Win 7 or 8. 2 2
Standard Sizes 10.4" to 84" diagonal. 32"-82" 26" to 65" diagonal. < Same
Custom Design Available up to 200+" diagonal.  No tooling charge, no minimum order. < Same < Same < Same
Mounting Method By Velcro or double sided tape or custom mount. < Same < Same Adjustable hangers included
Purchase Options Complete Assembly or Framed Segments < Same < Same < Same
Activated by Finger, gloved hand, stylus. < Same < Same < Same
Activation Force Zero < Same < Same < Same
Life Expectancy 60 million touches minimum < Same < Same < Same
Use under Sunlight Yes.  Adjust the angle to reduce the glare. < Same < Same < Same
Water Resistance No unless specially sealed - extra charge. < Same < Same < Same
Light Transmission 95 to 100% < Same < Same < Same
Operating Temp. -20 to 70 C < Same < Same < Same
Storage Temp. -30 to 80 C < Same < Same < Same
Warranty 2 years < Same < Same < Same
Tech Support Life-time free < Same < Same < Same
Driver Update Life-time free < Same < Same < Same
For Integration into standard display May be suitable.  Please check the dimensions. < Same < Same Not suitable. 

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