KEYTEC is a USA based touch screen interactive technology leader since 1987 OPTIR Toch is the best optical IR touchscreen in the multi touch applications portable do-it-yourself interactive whiteboard and very large size custom touch screen and integrated








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A Retrofit, Low-Cost, Light-Weight, and Smarter Interactive Solution for Every Classroom and Meeting Room.

  If you do not want to spend a lot of money on an expensive, bulky, heavy machine that requires high maintenance and sometimes does not work very smart....
  If you do not want to throw away your existing projector, whiteboard, or projection screen....
  If you like to make your standard TV or monitor become touch interactive....
you want to minimize the cost and effort to make your classroom or meeting room interactive....
  Then, you need to check out KEYTEC'S cost-saving do-it-yourself retrofit touch interactive solutions:

Make any whiteboard touch interactive.

If you have a whiteboard (or wall) with a projector & computer, you may attach an OPTIR Touch to make your whiteboard touch interactive.  The standard sizes are available up to 84".  We can custom make any sizes up to 200+" diagonally,

Make any TV or Monitor touch interactive

If you have or are going to purchase a large size TV with PC input to be used in your classroom, then your best solution is to add our retrofit OPTIR Touch to your TV to instantly create an Interactive Whiteboard with sharp and bright images.

Mounting an OPTIR Touch IR frame to a whiteboard or wall is easy, and it is easy to remove too whenever it is necessary.  The OPTIR Touch is light weight and can be mounted by mechanical brackets, magnetic strips or double sided tapes.  Plug it into USB and run your finger like a mouse.  Win & Mac. We provide framed segments for DIY assembly to save shipping cost, or fully assembled OPTIR Touch Screen with custom mounting designed to fit perfectly on your TV/Monitor.  Plug it into USB and run your finger like a mouse.  Win & Mac.

You may browse through the standard size list to find the model that works for you, or simply contact us for a recommended solution.

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