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1. What is OPTIR Touch?
2. Why can it be resized?
3. What is the size limitation?
4. What is the smallest size?
5. What happens if something sticks on the screen?
6. Can it be used under direct sunlight?
7. Is it waterproof?
8. Can it be used without the backing glass?
9. Will the glass break under impact?
10. Can we use plastic sheet instead of glass?
11. What operating systems can it be used with?
12. Do you provide software development kit?
13. Do you have the integrated OPTIR Touch monitor?
14. Can it be used on projection screen?
15. Can it be used on TV?
16. Can it be used in portrait mode?
17. Does it support multi touch?
18. Does it support multi monitor setup?
19. When I set one OPTIR Touch on top of another one, it caused some malfunction, why?
20. Do I need to calibrate it at every boot-up? 

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1. OPTIR Touch is optical infrared touch screen which is based on a scanning infrared technology manufactured with new innovative design.  Each touch screen is made with a pair of transmitter and receiver.  When a finger or other object is inside of the active area, the infrared light beam is blocked and a touch position can thus be detected.

2. KEYTEC'S patent pending innovative design can divide the traditional sensor (transmitter and receiver) board into smaller segments.  Assemble an OPTIR Touch is similar to playing the Lego blocks, that is why it can be assembled into different sizes and aspect ratio.

3. The current largest size is 2275.2 x 1286 mm (89.6" x 50.6") active area, which can be used on 103" 16:9 display.

4. The smallest segment is 161.2 mm (6.35"), so the smallest OPTIR Touch should be 161.2 x 161.2 (6.35' x 6.35") active area.  However, it is not cost effective to use this model for small size.  If you need small OPTIR Touch (10.4 to 22'), please contact us.

5. In the past when something sticks on IR touch screen, the cursor will be "locked" in that place and causing malfunction.  This problem has been solved with the intelligent driver which can ignore such a "permanent" touch after about 5 seconds and release the mouse cursor to respond the touch in other area.

6. Current OPTIR Touch model can work outdoors under a cover, but it may develop malfunction under direct sunlight.  A new model is being developed for using under sunlight and will be available for testing.  Please contact us if you have such need.

7. The standard model is not waterproof, but it can resist to light splash of water.  We may modify and seal the frame to make it waterproof, but it may not be suitable for using in deep water.

8. OPTIR Touch can be used without backing glass as the glass is not a functional part of the touch screen.  However, the glass provides a surface that prevents the finger from penetrating too deep through the active area.  If the user's finger goes too far, then he/she needs to make sure to lift the finger out of the active area before the next touch can be recognized as a click instead of a drag.  A piece of glass helps to ensure the user friendly performance of the touch screen and also provides protection to the display.

9. We use temper glass and we also suggest the customers who do their own assembly use temper glass for safety concerns.  Temper glass still can be broken under high impact, but it will break into small cubes so it is much safer than regular glass.

10. Yes, the backing glass can be replaced by plastics, but it may require thicker plastics to provide enough rigidity like glass.

11. OPTIR Touch is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

12. We provide mouse emulation driver, so our touch screen can work with any mouse driven program.  Software developers only need to write a standard mouse-driven program without using a special software development kit.  We are, however, preparing a software development kit for Windows 7 multi touch application to avoid potential malfunction.

13. Currently, all the OPTIR Touch models are external add-on overlays.  We are researching the suitable monitors that provide enough space for integration.

14. Absolutely, OPTIR Touch can be used on front or rear projection screens.

15. As long as the TV has PC input, then you can use OPTIR Touch on the TV when it is connected to a computer and used as computer monitor.

16. OPTIR Touch can be used in portrait mode.

17. OPTIR Touch can support dual touch (two points) under Windows 7.  Please refer to
Check compatibility with Windows 7 touch enabled programs.

18. Yes, a multi monitor driver is included.

19. When one OPTIR Touch is set directly on top of another one (or next to each other), the infrared beams transmitted from the top screen may reach to the receivers in the bottom screen, thus cause malfunction.  The solution is turning the bottom screen 180-degree (upside down), so the infrared beams from the two screens will not interfere with each other.

20. No, you only need to calibrate it once unless the screen has been moved.

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