KEYTEC makes touch screen large, small & custom design touchscreen includes IR touchscreen resistive touch screen capacitive touchscreen SAW touch screen LCD monitor interactive whiteboard in USA since 1987 Your SEO optimized title
KEYTEC, INC.   A Touch Screen Pioneer Founded and Based in Texas, USA

A global leader of touch interactive technology since 1987  

We provide standard & custom, large & small, digital & analog touch screens - IR, Resistive, Capacitive, SAW, Thru Glass Foil, and more...

Large Touch Screen
up to 200+"

Multi Touch Screen
up to 40 touches

DIY Interactive

Retrofit Add-On
Touch Screen Kit

Touch Screen

OEM/ODM Built-In
Touch Screen Kit

Custom Touch Screens
& More

We can retrofit touch screen to any display, TV, all-in-one, laptop, projection screen, video wall, whiteboard or white wall up to 200+". 
Select and click on one of the above solutions for details, or CONTACT US today for immediate personal assistance.

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Since 1987 KEYTEC has been a USA based global leader of touch screen technology.  More than a product supplier, we are your interactive solution provider.

We offer hundreds of standard touch screens for retrofit, and also provide cost-effective custom design services to meet any specific requirements.

You can count on KEYTEC'S long history of reputation.

CE FCC RoHS Certified    Texas Top 100 Hi-Tech    CES Design Innovation Award    Patented Technology    A Pioneer Since 1987

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